6 Reasons I Heart Sewing Doll Clothes

  1. I can sew most doll clothes with a fat quarter size fabric sample. (Fat Quarter = 18″ by 22″ piece of fabric.)
  2. I can learn new sewing skills without worrying about wasting much fabric if I totally mess up my outfit.
  3. I only have to make one size and don’t have to figure out which cutting line to keep straight on the pattern.
  4. Dolls are the perfect “sample size.” I can see what a piece looks like before I commit to making a larger size in the fabrics I’ve chosen.
  5. If I make something for my daughter’s doll, I have more of a chance that my daughter will actually wear the outfit I made for her!
  6. Doll’s are happy to wear anything you put on them, because they’ve spent many days wearing nothing. Dress your dolls, girls! (That was more for my daughter than anyone else. But, if you need to be told. There, I just did.)

Can you think of any other great reasons to love sewing doll clothes? Leave me a note in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

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