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How to organize dress up clothes!

My daughter loves to dress up and make stories to go along with her wardrobe. I’ve made her some dress up clothes in the past, made Halloween costumes, purchased Halloween costumes on clearance, and shopped consignment and yard sales when she found something she just had to have. When we redecorated her room for her birthday this spring, I came up with a great idea for storing and displaying her dress up clothes while keeping them within her reach and off of the closet floor, lol!

I had a shelf that looked like this.

I found it at a yard sale for around $5.00. I had no idea what a deal I had found until I googled this type of shelf because I forgot to take any “before” pictures. Silly me.

Anyway, all I did was take the shelf and sand it all over so the finish wasn’t so shiny and non-sticky. I used one of those sanding sponges with sandpaper on all the sides.

Then, I took a sample size of pink satin finish paint -that I had left over from painting the walls- and coated the shelf and the bar underneath until I was satisfied that the shelf was fully pink-a-licious! Then, I hung this shelf on the wall, placed the dress up clothes on hangers, and hung them on the bar below the shelf. She put a few accessories on the shelf that she wanted also.

My daughter is able to see her clothes when she wants to play, they have their own place away from her closet, and they are off. the. floor. Woo Hoo!

I just hope one day she’ll let me clean out that stuffed animal net someday. *sigh*

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