These tutorials are designed to help those with no prior sewing experience. The only knowledge you need to have is how to work your own sewing machine (threading, basic straight stitching, etc).

The first two tutorials listed here apply to any other sewing tutorial that is posted here as well. They are the foundation pieces of learning to sew.

Making Doll Clothes – An Introduction
Making Doll Clothes – Recommended Supplies

The first series I have been working on is about making your own doll clothes. Doll clothes can be expensive to purchase even though it only takes a small amount of fabric – or scraps from larger clothing pieces that are no longer usable for their original purpose.

Making Doll Clothes #1 – Easy Doll Skirt
Making Doll Clothes #2 – Easy Dolly Burp Cloth
Making Doll Clothes #3 – Easy Dolly Bib

Make a doll skirt with old jeans!
How to patch your jeans!
How to sew with elastic thread – video!

If you have a suggestion for a specific tutorial, leave me a comment or e-mail me here.

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